Resistance, Purpose, and Creativity with Musical Artist Joss Jaffe

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As heart-centered entrepreneurs, and heart-inspired leaders, we are creatives— we are creating content, we are taking inspired action, we are getting into alignment with our vision and bringing our vision to life.

Whether or not you’re a creative entrepreneur, such as an artist, musician, or performer, or whether you’re an entrepreneur, where you’re creating content and experiences for your community— either way, you’re a creative, you’re in the space of tapping into your creativity and your vision and bringing it to life.

I’m so excited for this special guest on today’s show. Joss Jaffe is a prolific artist, producer, and musician, and we have an amazing conversation about the process of creativity, resistance, and bringing something to life.

About Joss Jaffe:

Joss Jaffe is a vocalist, tabla player and multi-instrumentalist who has performed at premiere yoga festivals in the US and abroad. As a producer and artist he has created numerous critically acclaimed work including Dub Mantra, Svaramandala, Echosystem and his most recent album Meditation Music which debuted in the Top-10 Billboard New Age Chart in 2019. Joss continues to connect with his audience through teaching, workshops and master classes on music, singing, mantra, chanting and meditation.

Connect with Joss on his website,, and on Instagram at @jossjaffe.

Inside this episode:

  • Leading with your heart and your “why” as a creative.
  • Staying inspired as a creative in a continual process of creating.
  • Creativity as a practice, and working with artist’s block.
  • Going after the diamond in the rough vs. going with the flow in creative work.
  • Keeping the energy of a project going and having the finishing.
  • Working with resistance… and so much more!

Mentioned in this episode:

Thank you so much for listening in!
Take care, be well, and keep rocking your purpose!


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