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By embracing our fears and taking on new challenges, we can unlock our full potential and live a life that is truly fulfilling.

In his new book, Scare Your Soul, Scott Simon turns his attention to a topic that is often overlooked in our fast-paced world: the importance of taking risks, facing our fears, and living life to the fullest.

Scott’s book is based on his own experiences as well as interviews with a wide range of people who have taken on challenges and overcome obstacles in their lives. He dives into the fear we all have around stepping out of our comfort zones and taking on new challenges – whether it’s starting a new business, traveling to a new country, or trying a new hobby.

This fear can hold us back from achieving our full potential and living a truly fulfilling life. He encourages us to embrace our fears and uncover courage, even if it means facing failure or discomfort along the way. Scott also provides practical advice and guidance for those looking to take on new challenges in their own lives. He offers tips on how to identify your fears, develop a plan for overcoming them, and stay motivated even when things get tough.

Inside the interview:

  • How our greatest challenges can become the fuel for growth
  • How to connect with what really has the potential to light up our life
  • How to empower yourself to make changes in your life
  • How to get started taking positive and courageous action – in large and small ways

About Scott Simon:

Scott Simon is a happiness entrepreneur, speaker, and founder of Scare Your Soul, a movement inspiring individual and global change through small acts of courage. He has spoken around the world, motivated people at schools and companies, given a TEDx Talk, co-founded a happiness incubator, and studied and worked with international thought leaders in the areas of courage and happiness. He is a high-performance coach and leads mindfulness meditation practices.

Scott earned his BA from Skidmore College, his MA from Case Western Reserve University, and has Certificates in Positive Psychology from The Wholebeing Institute. Scott is the proud father of two children, and when not out fulfilling his sense of wanderlust, he lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Learn more and grab his book, Scare Your Soul, at www.scareyoursoul.com, and connect with the Scare Your Soul community on Instagram at @scareyoursoul.

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