#175: Launch Your Podcast With Me in AMPLIFY

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Welcome back to the Rock Your Purpose Podcast. Today is a special episode because we’re diving headfirst into something that’s been on my heart for quite some time now.

This podcasting journey began back in 2014.

Can you believe it? I have been podcasting now for 9 years!

And During that time, I was a young mom who firmly believed that each of us carries a unique purpose, and that our voices possess incredible power.

I was deeply immersed in the world of teaching yoga, which led me to launch this podcast, initially titled “The Essence of Yoga.” I felt compelled to introduce conversations around yoga that I felt were missing in the online discourse.

Simultaneously, I sought to cultivate a following for my yoga teaching and coaching, all while discovering my true voice and purpose. I poured my heart into my show.

Now, nearly a decade later, I’m still here, podcasting.

Yet, things have evolved.

Both this show and our community have flourished in tandem with my personal growth.

Back then, I could never have foreseen how this podcasting journey would spark a mission to empower individuals like you to amplify their impact through podcasting.

But here we are. 

Recently, I have been obsessed with the power of podcasting, and so I just knew I had to create AMPLIFY: Launch Your Podcast Revolution, to help you uncover and harness the true potential of podcasting for yourself.

So in this episode, I’m talking about the incredible potential of podcasting. It’s not just about speaking into a mic; it’s about igniting a movement. That’s why I created the AMPLIFY: Launch Your Podcast Revolution program.

Join us: the doors close soon, and we only have a few spots available.

Visit emilyperry.com/amplify to discover what AMPLIFY can do for you.


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