#179: Returning Home to Our Bodies with Abigail Rose Clarke

Inner Life, Rock Your Purpose Podcast

In this episode of the Rock Your Purpose Podcast, host Emily welcomes Abigail Rose Clark to discuss her transformative book, Returning Home to Our Bodies. Abigail delves into her journey into somatic work, weaving together yoga, somatics, and the importance of embodiment. The conversation touches on reclaiming vitality, dismantling systemic oppression, and connecting deeply with our bodies.

About our guest:

Abigail Rose Clarke is a somatic facilitator who currently lives in Western Massachusetts. Using somatics and mindfulness, Clarke teaches people to use the inherent wisdom of their bodies to be in direct conversation with creativity and aliveness, as a way to dismantle oppressive systems and build generative and deeply relational futures. Clarke has worked with people ranging from CEOs and board directors to schoolteachers and parents. She holds a weekly somatic learning space called Anchor Community, and is also the creator of The Somatic Tarot, a method of engaging with the archetype Tarot in ways that are rooted in liberatory practices. Her work is enormously influenced by her study and practice of Embodyoga®, of which she is a senior teacher, as well as her background in kinesiology and psychology.

Learn more about her work at abigailroseclarke.com.

“We really do belong here on this earth. We are natural beings in a natural world.”

– Abigail Rose Clark

In this episode, we cover:

  1. How the essence of embodiment and somatic work connect to societal structures.
  2. Embracing the GROWL process as a practical tool for grounding and navigating through challenges.
  3. Cultivating a sense of belonging and kinship with the natural world and our own bodies.

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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