The Best of The Rock Your Purpose Podcast: Move Through Obstacles & Get Unstuck

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As we wind down season two of the podcast and head towards season three, I wanted to make a series of episodes for you that curate our most loved episodes around specific themes.

I chose these themes around what comes up for spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs, so no matter when you are listening to this episode— whether you are looking for a reboot in your business or general inspiration— you’ll get so much out of these episodes.

This episode’s theme is moving through obstacles and getting unstuck… let’s dive in!

Mentioned in this episode:

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The episodes mentioned in this episode are:

  1. Episode 53- Overcoming Obstacles To Sharing Your Message With Michael Neeley
  2. Episode 54 – The Four Truths You Need To Hear To Take Your Soul Business From Struggling To Thriving
  3. Episode 66- Five Steps To Channeling Change
  4. Episode 80- Five Things That Could Be Holding Back Your Soul Business
  5. Episode – Resistance As A Right Of Passage As Heart-Led Leaders
  6. Episode 111 – Get Off The Struggle Bus And Out Of Overwhelm In Your Soul Business
  7. Episode 133 – Limiting Beliefs And Your Abundance Story
  8. Episode 147 – 5 Ways To Get Unstuck Right Now In Your Spiritual Business
  9. Episode 156 – Unraveling Perfectionism With Bre Brown Of The Modern Manifestation Podcast
  10. Episode 128 – The Messy Middle: Up-Leveling Your Leadership As A Heart-Led Entrepreneur


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