#160 The Best of The Rock Your Purpose Podcast- Igniting Your Purpose and Your Vision

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Welcome to Season 3! We thought we would start 2022 off with another best-of episode— Igniting Your Purpose & Your Vision as a Luminary Leader.

As we begin season three here in 2022, I wanted to make a series of episodes for you that curate our most loved episodes around specific themes.

These themes were chosen around what comes up for spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs, so no matter when you are listening to this episode— whether you are looking for a reboot in your business or general inspiration— you’ll get so much out of these episodes.

This episode’s theme is igniting your purpose and your vision… let’s dive in!

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Announcing my newest workshop!!! The Rock Your Purpose Dream Business Manifestation Workshop is for spiritual leaders and healers. It’s time, Luminary, to bring your calling into the world— to create that income and impact you’ve been feeling called to create. Join me for this powerful training where you’ll clarify your dream & purpose and learn the steps to manifesting your calling while serving your vision. Learn more and save your seat: emilyperry.com/purpose or visit rockyourpurpose.com.
  • In-person Yoga and breathwork Teacher training is back! The Embodied Breath™ Yoga & Breathwork Teacher Training begins in April 2022 here in California– this one weekend a month training will walk you through our four-module vinyasa yoga and breathwork teacher training pathway over 6 months. You’ll develop not just as a yoga and breathwork teacher— but as a leader and visionary in your community. Learn more at emilyperry.com/teachertraining.
  • Our new brand partner Cured Nutrition is all about your elevated existence. They carry Emily’s favorite CBD and Adaptogenic products that elevate her daily routine. Use code EMILYPERRY at checkout for 10% off, or visit emilyperry.com/cured to learn more.

The episodes covered in this episode are:

  1. Episode 130- Stop waiting & Start Leading
  2. Episode 132 – Claim Your Crown – Energetic Embodiment
  3. Episode 101- Tuning Into Your Embodied Wisdom
  4. Episode 149- The Magnetic Leader & Spiritual Entrepreneur With Emily Perry
  5. Episode 148: The Three Levels of Purpose & Unleashing Your Gifts
  6. Episode 141: Realign With Your Purpose: Activating Your Soul Contract
  7. Episode 143: Healing & Shifting Your Money Beliefs
  8. Episode 144: Grow Your Spiritual Business Using Your Intuition & Intention
  9. Episode 134: Six Keys To Finding Momentum In Your Purpose-Aligned Soul Business
  10. Episode 155: Leading From Your Light With Emily Perry

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